Monday, November 3, 2008

Kid Quotes

A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be your friend.
A face without freckles is like a sky without stars.
A mother holds her children’s hands for a while. . . their hearts forever.
All you need is Faith and Trust and a little Pixie Dust.
Always kiss me goodnight.
Ask not what your mother can do for you ask what you can do for you mother.
Brother will you, shoot hoops, build forts, teach me to skip rocks, tell me stories in the dark and always be my friend.
Fairytales do come true.
Fairytales, magic spells and happy endings.
Follow your dreams… you never know where they may lead you.
God, please tell Mama that real Cowboys don't take baths, they just dust off.
Honor thy Father and Mother.
I love you a bushel and a peck.
I love you right up to the moon and back.
I see the moon and the moon sees me, God bless the moon and God bless me.
I’ll love you forever like you for always as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.
I’m a princess. . . all girls are.
Life is not measured by the number if breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.
Little boy/girl/one sent from up above sent to send us lots of love.
Loved you once, love you still, always have, always will.
Lullaby and Goodnight.
Mother’s of little boys are up from SON up till SON down.
Our home has just grown by 2 feet.
Sent from above our sweet bundle of love.
Shhh... Baby’s Dreaming. . .
Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, that’s what little boys are made of.
Someday my Prince will come.
Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.
Take me out to the ballgame. . .
Thank heaven for little girls.
The angels danced the day you were born.
The laughter of a child is the light of a home. . .
The princess sleeps here.
To become a real boy you must prove yourself brave, truthful and unselfish. Pinocchio
Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6
Twinkle, Twinkle Little star, do you know how loved you are?
We give our children two things. One is roots, the other is wings.
When you wish upon a star. . .

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