Monday, November 3, 2008

Application Instructions

1 - If the quote has been rolled up, lay it on a flat surface and allow quote to unroll. Lay the quote with application tape down on a flat surface and re-rub to allow vinyl to stick to application tape.
2 - Make sure the area you applying the quote is clean and dry. To hang, put all 3 layers up on your wall and check to make sure it's level. Using masking tape, securely tape the top edge of the phrase to the area being applied. This acts as a hinge so that you can flip it up and remove the backing paper from the vinyl lettering. Double check your placement! Use two people for longer quotes.
3 - Flip up and peel off the white backing paper from the vinyl lettering and transfer tape. If letters do not fully come off of the white backing, flip the lettering back down and re-rub with credit card. If your phrase is very long you will want to cut through the transfer tape and the white backing paper to make smaller sections for easier removal of the white backing paper. Make sure that you have securely taped your entire phrase into position before cutting so that your phrase is evenly lined up. This is very important to keep the phrase aligned with each other!
4 - Using the edge of the credit card, rub over the entire design again. Work from the center towards the outer edges to remove any air bubbles.
5 - Slowly and carefully remove the clear transfer tape, beginning in the upper right corner and working at an angle. If any letters are difficult, gently use your credit card or finger to help them transfer to the wall. If you are applying to uneven surfaces like textured walls we recommend gently pushing the lettering onto the surface now to pick up the texture.
To remove your quote - Usually a pair of tweezers will be sufficent to remove the lettering. You may also heat it up with a hair dryer to remove stubborn pieces. After a few years a residue may remain which can be removed with rubbing alcohol. Removing the letters should not remove paint.

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